Brain Differences Found In ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is an issue that can affect a child's development. Researchers are still trying to understand ADHD, as it has impact on many children and even adults. A study has seen that brain differences can be found in ADHD.

The study has found that there are differences in the regions of the brain for people with ADHD. These differences is most prominent in children, although it can be seen in adults as well. These brain differences could delay brain development on those with ADHD.

Children with ADHD aren't understood well. People still see them as either being difficult or else have been the result of parents who haven't managed them well. The study however is showing that ADHD could be the result of delayed brain development.

Typically, people with ADHD have poor attention skills and could be hyperactive. They could be impulsive as well. The study has looked at 1,713 with ADHD and compared them to 1,529 people who don't have ADHD.

The study had all of the participants undergo an MRI scan. The scan looked into the brain sizes as well as the areas that are affected by ADHD. The scans showed that overall brain volume is smaller for people with ADHD, according to Radboud University. The five areas that are affected by ADHD are also smaller.

Differences in sizes are small, as noted by lead author Dr. Martine Hoogman of Radboud University. The differences though are most noticeable in children. Those differences are not as noticeable among adults, as Science Daily reports.

The amygdala is affected on people with ADHD. This region is usually associated with emotions. The hippocampus is also affected. This region is associated with motivation and emotion.

The differences in brain sizes are not the result of psychostimulants, which some of those who have ADHD take as medication. Dr. Hoogman has said that the study shows people with ADHD have differences in brain structure. He has suggested that ADHD could be classified as a brain disorder based on the study.

ADHD is a syndrome which people are still trying to understand. Brain differences found in ADHD might explain some of that. A study shows that the brain is ready for an alternative plan.

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