Ubisoft Announced Human Conditions DLC For Watch Dogs 2

By Sarene Mae Butao , Feb 17, 2017 04:10 AM EST

Ubisoft announced their new DLC for Watch Dogs 2 and it's called Human Conditions. The DLC is meant to include three new single player Dedsec operations, new missions, and locations. Additionally, its overall content will have a gameplay of around five hours. This DLC is set to be launched Feb. 21 on PlayStation 4, and owners of Xbox One and PC will have to wait for March 23.

The three new story missions that are included in the game will be called Automata, Bad Medicine, and Caustic Progress. Automata features the protagonist Marcus taking on Nudle for its biometric security system for their self-driving cars. These cars can determine a passenger's Life Score, which will let the system decide who should live or die in car accidents. Bad Medicine is also coordinating with Marcus and a Hitman to fight a common enemy that is putting the city hospitals to ransom. There are no details yet about Caustic Progress, according to Attack of the Fan Boy.

Producer Fabian Salomon said that their narrative structure allows them to easily introduce additional DedSec operation in an organic and natural manner through their own thematic and storyline from beginning to end. According to Ubisoft's official blog, DedSec is currently picking target which will aid them in not only gaining followers and positive press but they have to also fight back against abusive technology.

This also means that how far a player can go or cannot go into the story of Watch Dogs 2 will not make any sense since the player has to still enjoy the DLC even if they have just played for either 20 minutes to 20 hours. The speculation is if there will be a possible Watch Dogs 3 when images began to surface recently upon Ubisoft's addition of a new post-ending scene into the game.


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