‘NCIS Los Angeles’ Season 8 Spoilers And Updates: Episode 15 Release Date; Team Will Risk Everything

By Joseph St. James. , Feb 17, 2017 04:20 AM EST

Episode 15 of "NCIS Los Angeles" Season 8 will focus heavily on the mole who has been very difficult to expose. This mole will also abduct a member of the team and the other team members will launch a rescue effort. The episode's synopsis also hinted that there will be a betrayal from someone least expected.

Episode 15 Will Be A Roller Coaster Ride For The Show's Characters

The title of "NCIS Los Angeles" Season 8 episode 15 is "Payback." This episode will be a roller coaster ride for the characters of the show. The official synopsis for episode 15 says that a mole in the CIA will kidnap and torture one team member of NCIS. There are rumors that it is Kensi who will be in danger.

Kensi Will Be In Danger In "NCIS Los Angeles" Season 8

In the previous episode of "NCIS Los Angeles" Season 8, it was Sullivan (Ferris) who kidnapped Kensi. And the last scene of that episode showed him holding a chainsaw against a leg of Kensi. The teaser trailer for the upcoming episode starts with Kensi trying to escape from her abductor. But the mole catches her and starts torturing her again.

Will The Team Save Kensi?

And then the scenes turned to Callen, Sam Hannah and Deeks with their guns cocked and they seem to be on a hunt for someone. The trailer suggests that they will finally catch the mole and save Kensi from being harmed. A voice-over from the trailer also directly said the team will risk everything to find and save Kensi.

A Betrayal Will Come From Someone Least Expected

Some fans think that With Deeks in the team that will save Kensi, it could pave the way for their reunion. In addition, "NCIS Los Angeles" Season 8 will also see a member of the team being betrayed. There are some hints that this will be in connection with Owen Granger's storyline. This situation is made more mysterious because Miguel Ferrer who plays Granger just died recently. Episode 15 will air on Feb. 19 on CBS. Meanwhile, fans can get a taste of what episode 15 holds by watching the video below.

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