‘NCIS Los Angeles' Season 8 Latest Update: Upcoming Episode 15 Will Show Kensi And Deeks Coming Back Together?

"NCIS Los Angeles" season 8 is currently on a short break and episode 15 is scheduled to air on Feb. 19, 2017. There are rumors going around that the upcoming episode will see a Kensi and Deeks reunion. The title of this episode is "Payback" and the showrunners are promising that it will be full of twists and revelations.

Episode 15 Was Postponed Because Of The Super Bowl And The Grammys

Apart from the possible reunion of Kensi and Deeks, the upcoming "NCIS Los Angeles" season 8 episode 15 will also feature torture and betrayal. The showing of this episode was actually postponed because of the recently concluded NFL LI Super Bowl and the upcoming Grammy Awards show scheduled on Feb. 12. Fans only have to wait one more week before they see episode 15.

The Delays Spurred The Rumors

 Because of the delay of "NCIS Los Angeles" season 8 episode 15, a lot of speculations are going around about what it will bring. There is a report that said this episode will feature a mole inside the CIA kidnapping one member of the NCIS LA team. There are rumors that it will be Kensi who will be kidnapped.

Deeks Might Arrive To Save Kensi And Spark Their Reunion

If fans will remember, the last scenes of "NCIS Los Angeles" season 8 episode 14 showed her being abducted by Sullivan. The scenes showed him aiming a chainsaw at her leg. It is quite possible that Deeks will arrive at the crucial moment and save Kensi from being hurt by Sullivan. He loves her so much that he won't let anything harm his beloved.

Fans believe that this could be the way the showrunners will portray the two's reunion and finally, they're tying the knot. However, this is just a likely possibility since the producers of the show have been mum on the matter. But fans are surely wishing that this is what will happen. Kensi is a member of a field workforce, so her teammates could also save him from the clutches of Sullivan. "NCIS Los Angeles" season 8 episode15 is scheduled to air on Feb. 19, 2017, on CBS.

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