Sleep Quality Can Be Affected By Air Conditioner

Sleep is important to people. It gives people a chance to recover and rest after a day of stress. Sleep quality though can be affected by air conditioner, as a study shows.

Air conditioning can help especially during hot weather. A research though shows that it can affect sleep, as people would change sleep positions due to air conditioning. The depth of sleep is affected by it as well.

The study has found that some settings on air conditioners could be affecting sleep quality. These settings could make people change positions while sleeping. The study mainly focused on the timing of the airflow of air conditioners and body movement. It has been found with greater airflow, there is an increase in body movement and heart rate. There is also a frequency in waking.

In the study, airflow velocity has been at 0.14 m/s. It has shown that people would start to move or else have their sleep quality change the moment that the air conditioner blows cold air out. The study has been led by Professor Kazuyo Tsuzuki from Toyohashi University of Technology.

Airflow velocity can be changed in air conditioners. At a velocity of 0.2 m/s the body is unaware of any changes, according to Science Daily. However at 0.14 m/s noticeable effects to people are made.

The study has found that before sleeping, there are no changes in comfort, skin temperature and sense of warmth or coolness among the participants. It was only when they have started to sleep that changes have been noted. The study has been made using male participants, as Eureka Alert reports.

The study has not used female participants or the elderly, though there might be implications that they would be more affected by air conditioner airflow. The study could be made as basis for a much better airflow management to have a better sleeping environment.

Air conditioners are good to have during hot weather. However, sleep quality can be affected by air conditioner. A study says that untreated water can make kids sick.

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