'Pretty Little Liars' Finale: All Liars Survive Afterall As Shown By Teasers; Weddings Come To All 'PLL' Couples?

By Donna Marie Lapena Padua , Feb 17, 2017 04:10 AM EST

"Pretty Little Liars" season 7 will still serve 10 more episodes to entertain its fandom when it returns in April. As the series already comes to its conclusion, fans are expecting to see resolutions to the countless questions formed in every episode. Theories and spoilers have it that the show will indeed get answers for its viewers.

"Pretty Little Liars" season 7 was confirmed to be the series' last, but the first part of the installment still left off with cliffhangers. Theories then suggest that season 7B will finally address each of the problems of the liars, and reports have it that the story will leave the characters in a happy place.

As soon as the episode titles of "Pretty Little Liars" season 7B were dropped, fans have been fast to form theories revolving around the final chapter titled "Till Death Do Us Part." As per title, it seemingly looks like someone is going to be married, and the episode writer recently teased that some couples will indeed get their happy ending. She posted cut lines from the finale script, hinting on the fate of Spencer and Toby and Hanna and Caleb. I. Marlene King also said that there might at least be two weddings, but fans are expecting to see all the liars getting their love lives settled.

Apart from resolving the romantic stories of the characters, it is, of course, expected that the crimes of the liars and the one taunting them will get to an end. Some fans assume that a character might die, and they have been fast to speculate that it will be the show's villain to die.

With the theory that the liars will successfully take down the one after them, Ali, Aria, Emily, Hannah, and Spencer are all expected to have a reunion in the series finale's weddings. Creators of the show have not confirmed any of the rumors, and teasers are still vague. Fans though should be hopeful as their favorite characters might prove that happy endings also come to liars.

Meanwhile, the cast of the crime drama came to look back on their shooting days, which reportedly wrapped up last October. The stars shared how saddening it is to no longer work with the team, but said that they are still positive that they can keep their communication active. Actress Sasha Pieterse who plays the character Ali said that they have already been like a family after eight years of working together.

 "Pretty Little Liars" season 7B returns on April 18 on Freeform.

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