'Pretty Little Liars' Season 7B: Could It Be A Happy Ending?

"Pretty Little Liars" creators teased fans further by cutting dialogues that created ripples of interest over social media. The said couple is definitely not Ezra and Aria, because they are already engaged and we saw their lovely wedding pictures.

Everybody has their own Pretty Little Liars couple that they would love to end up with each other. However the cast made sure it stays a mystery. So which couple won’t be together anymore based on the newly released dialogue?

Sharing lines from Spoby, Emison, and Haleb, the dialogue suggests that things are not going to be well in Season 7b. Fans already made their own analysis about the dialogues, it’s pretty safe to say Spencer and Toby would probably get back together. Here is a solid proof.

What Could Spoby Dialogue Suggest?

At the end of Season 7A, Toby and his fiancée Yvonne plan to leave town but ended up in a car crash. This happened after Toby and Spencer kissed goodbye. This proves that the flame of hope that they are getting back together is strong. This is why the Spoby dialogue strongly implies a reunion.

Spencer told Toby that she was in limerence with him. This means that she is just in a state of infatuation towards Toby. However, an alternate theory suggests another reason why Spencer used this word.

Spencer might have been referring to the romance with Caleb. Meaning that it was not a serious relationship rather just a short affair, ‘limerence’. When she said “ I looked up ” that strongly suggest that she meant that she was still in love with Toby.

In the midseason finale, when Spencer used “looked up’’ it ended up with a romantic session between the former lovers.Obviously, the reason why Spencer had to explain her short affair with Caleb to Toby. To convince him that her love is true. As most fans would affirm, Spoby has always been endgame and Spaleb was a blunder. Haleb's dialogue is a lot more mysterious than Spoby's.

Could Hanna Possibly Be Pregnant?

According to the Bustle, Haleb dialogue suggests that there are a lot of things Hanna and Caleb need to fix them. Whatever the issue they have to talk about in the season finale, it seems to be a small matter. And this Pretty Little Liar couple will still end up together. Possibly Hanna has a pregnancy scare?

This Could Be A Happy Ending

Finally, the Emison dialogue suggests that the couple will have a fight in the season finale. Fans had hoped for an Emison baby. This time, in the season finale, they might start a family together. Since Alison’s pregnancy was revealed in Season 7A. Maybe this line is when Emily tries to come to terms with the fact that A.D. impregnated Alison with Emily's eggs? Anything is possible in Rosewood.

According to Refinery29, I. Marlene King teased that there will be at least two weddings in the final season. Whoever among them are making a trip down the aisle, you have to wait and see on Pretty Little Liars season 7 premiere on Freeforms, April 18 at 8 pm ET.

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