‘Sherlock' Season 5 Canceled? Steve Moffat Reacts

By Dez Bryant , Feb 17, 2017 03:40 AM EST

Technically, the news about the epic series “Sherlock” being canceled is not new. It started late last year when the producers and even the network stated that they don’t feel “Sherlock” will survive for another year.

'Sherlock' Canceled?

There are lengthy reasons why the thought of “Sherlock” being canceled is thrown around this days. First, Season 4 wasn’t able to provide a certain amount of viewers and their ratings drastically declined. It started with some interesting episodes but overall, fans somehow get tired of the same plot which is too predictable already. Second, Benedict Cumberbatch is a huge star. With that said, the British actor is somehow delaying future plans of the show due to his busy schedule. Lastly, its all about the money.

Steve Moffat Commented On The Status Of 'Sherlock'

The rumor about the show strengthens when the producers were tight-lipped about the possibility of having a Season 5. Then just a few hours ago, Steven Moffat, the producer of the show, stated that he’s okay not doing season 5. Moffat is also the man behind the series Doctor Who, who admitted that he was a fan of the show ever since he was a kid. Moffat also has the reputation of being unpredictable and full or surprises. He might have said that he has no plan of doing Season 5, but again, until there is no final verdict, there’s still a chance for another season of “Sherlock”.

Benedict Cumberbatch To Star In A Short Movie

As for the lead actor, Benedict Cumberbatch was spotted at BBC One. However, it is not for “Sherlock” as stated by BBC officials. Cumberbatch is going to spearhead a new project which is some kind of a short movie from one of the timeless classics. According to a news magazine, the short movie is title “A Child In Time”.

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