‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 522 Latest Updates: Gray Faces Zeref In Upcoming Big Battle; Will This Spell Gray’s End?

By Joseph St. James. , Feb 17, 2017 04:40 AM EST

A big battle is coming up in "Fairy Tail" chapter 522. This time it will be Gray against Zeref. Rumors suggest that Gray will have another brush with death in this upcoming chapter. Zeref appears to be stronger than him and he is suffering from some heavy wounds.

Zeref Thinks He Can Easily Beat Gray

Being a Black Wizard, Zeref is a very dangerous enemy. He was disappointed upon seeing Gray because he was expecting either Laxus or Jellal to be his opponent. Zeref could easily beat Gray in his present condition. Therefore, this episode could spell the end of Gray.

In this setting, avid fans of the anime can expect that "Fairy Tail" chapter 522 will offer more exciting actions. This will include the possibility that Gray will die. With Gray eliminated, Zeref will be able to remove all the obstacles that stop him from getting the Fairy Heart.

Will Gray Use His Trump Card To Escape Death?

But is Gray really at the end of his rope? In their fight, Zeref will unleash all his powers and will likely push Gray to his end. But the title of "Fairy Tail" chapter 522 is "Gray's Trump Card." This could mean Gray has a secret that will enable him to defeat his stronger enemy. What could his secret be?

In their battle, Zeref will whisper an apology to Natsu, his long lost brother, for what he will do to Gray. Apparently, he really wants to eliminate Gray once and for all. However, Gray seems to have some luck since he has escaped death for a number of times. He actually died in the Grand Magic Games Arc and was only resurrected by Ultear by using the reversal magic.

Using The Trump Card Has Some Dire Consequences

But this time could be different. This battle with Zeref could really be his last. But as hinted by the chapter's title, Gray will probably play his trump card and escape death once again. His possible trump card could be the Iced Shell.

With this technique, he can freeze Zeref inside an ice block. But using this spell might also destroy his body. Fans will know what will happen when "Fairy Tail" chapter 522 is released on Feb. 22, 2017.

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