Grand Theft Auto Video Game Hack Infuriates Australian Police

New South Wales Police in Australia are infuriated after an underground mod for Grand Theft Auto V. The game mod changes the uniforms of police in the game from American cops to New South Wales police officers. The mod also changes cop cars to that of Australian police color way and markings. Players can also play as an Australian police officer. To the average gamer, this is a pretty simple change and not too big of a deal.

However, with the release of this mod, it appears that NSW media has labeled this mod as the cop kill mod, stating that it is a virtual way to train the young to kill NSW policemen. For the uninitiated, Grand Theft Auto is already a game that allows players to kill cops. GTA 5 is an open-world game that allows players to be psychotic criminals and kill people.

The game mod has been condemned by the NSW state police and they say that they are actively looking for the game’s designer. It was stated that action will be taken against the creator of the content. Some medial companies are labeling this mod as underground which seem to imply that there is a sense of criminality to the mod however anybody could simply download this mod off a trusted website, as published by Heatstreet.

NSW Police Minister Troy Grant said that the game gives the player a false impression about what the role of the police is. He raised some concerns that the game could desensitize the public about the dangers policemen face in the course of doing their jobs. Grant states that he finds it offensive that this game could possibly desensitize people to the real risk the police face while they do their jobs on a daily basis, as reported by Daily Mail.

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