Zelda And Mario Creator Miyamoto Still Doubts Virtual Reality

Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario and Zelda, along with other Nintendo executives questioned the appeal of virtual reality in the past. In a new interview with Time, Miyamoto stated that some of the issues that he foresaw are now being worked out but this does not allay his worries.

Miyamoto stated that in terms of being together online in virtual reality, he thinks that a lot of the problems have either been solved or are being solved. He says that this is something that they are also looking into. He states that one of the issues is creating a fully fleshed out experience in virtual reality but one that is short enough. Miyamoto said that he is worried that virtual reality might cause people to become isolated and this is the entire opposite of what Nintendo wants in its games.

Miyamoto stated in 2014 that if people really think about what virtual reality is, aside from players donning goggles and playing by themselves in a corner of a room or spending a lot of time playing alone, it is in direct contrast with what they are trying to achieve in Wii U. He stated that he had a little bit of uneasiness with whether virtual reality is the best way for people to play, as reported by GameSpot.

Despite the concerns raised by Miyamoto, there is a slight possibility that Nintendo’s latest console, the Switch, will have some sort of VR support. Earlier in the month, President Tatsumi Kimishima said that it could bring VR support to Nintendo Switch once the tech’s comfort issues will be solved. Exactly how the Switch will handle VR remains to be seen, as published by Upload.

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