Nintendo Switch Accidentally Sent Out Early Plus A Leaked Video

Nintendo Switch Accidentally Sent Out Early Plus A Leaked Video
Nintendo has given plenty about the Switch, but there are also details we don’t know yet such as the system's home interface and settings' menus. Photo : IGN / YouTube

Today, the user NeoGAF posted on the forum a picture claiming that they had been sent a Nintendo Switch early. To prove this nearly impossible thing, they have published a video, which is about three minutes long. The clip shows the initial setup process for the Switch and the main menu as well as the settings.

What We Know So Far About The Nintendo Switch

As reported by TechRadar, the Nintendo Switch presentation revealed that the system will have its worldwide launch on March 3, 2017. Nintendo Switch will launch first in the US, Japan and some parts of Europe including the UK, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong as well as several other countries. The console will be available on the said date and that it will retail for $299.99.

Regarding its features and specs, Nintendo Switch will feature 1280 by 720p capacitive touchscreen LCD. This is a more fairly low resolution in a world that is dominated by QHD smartphones and tablets. Despite this fact, given that Nintendo is going for performance and longevity basis with the Switch, the use of the system is expected to be 1080p. is to be expected.

Nintendo confirmed that the Switch would feature a 32GB of internal storage. It is also already confirmed that this storage can be supplemented by an external card which is microSDXC. That specification is similar to the current-generation Nintendo 3DS.

With its battery life, Nintendo Switch will deliver a range between 2.5 and 6.5 hours on a single charge and it will depend on the game of the user/s. For example, the upcoming Zelda game, the Nintendo Switch will apparently kill the console inside for about three hours. Unlike all the previous Nintendo products, the Switch will not use proprietary charging methods instead, it will change via USB Type C.

Leaked Video Of The Nintendo Switch

According to BGR, earlier this week, a user on Reddit with a throw-away account posted a huge gallery of Nintendo Switch user interface mockups. Alongside is a tremendous amount of unannounced details regarding the upcoming console. All of the shared content in the said leak is believed to be authentic, though Nintendo hasn’t released an announcement and doesn't confirm anything yet at this point.

Another leaked news on the Nintendo Switch was spotted this day. A retailer has accidentally sent out the Nintendo Switch two weeks ahead of its official launch. The NeoGAF user named as hiphoptherobot posted a picture on a forum. It is claiming that they had been sent a system early and the user even released a video to prove it. On the 3-minte video, viewers will learn the system of the Nintendo Switch. And apparently, it has 25.9 GB of free space out of the box. This memory storage can be expanded further using the microSDXC cards up to 2 TB in size.

"It isn't like I grabbed it off the back of a truck or anything," the user wrote. "I just happened to get lucky because unnamed store decided to ship early for whatever reason." The user noted that they were considering on selling the Nintendo Switch to make up for the cost of the home repairs but expressed concern that the console maker could intervene.


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