Nintendo Switch Two Blockbuster Games Revealed

Fans of the Nintendo Switch were treated to a gameplay footage for the two upcoming blockbuster games. Nintendo Switch’s new TV commercial showed footages of gameplay from FIFA 18 which will be released later this year. The video shows Nintendo Switch gamers playing the hit game.

EA Sports have already confirmed that FIFA 18 version for Nintendo Switch will be built using a custom engine. EA’s Peter Moore stated that the company is custom-building FIFA 18 for the Nintendo Switch. He said that it will be released later this year.

FIFA 18 is not the only gameplay footage that was shown for the Nintendo Switch. A brand new video has also been released for the new Street Fighter title in its first-person mode. Capcom’s Street Fighter 2 demonstration showed a fan playing the title’s game mode with detachable Switch JoyCon controllers.

Capcom’s Street Fighter 2 first-person mode is called the Way of the Hado. Players use motion controls to fight off enemies. By using motion control, players defeat enemies with fireballs, hurricane kicks and uppercuts. The video showed gamers playing the beginner stage and an extra stage. Whether the Way of the Hado goes down well with fans remains to be seen, as reported by Express.

Console launches typically have games that are not as fully-featured as they are on other well-established consoles. And where Nintendo is concerned, EA is particularly known as an offender. EA only released four titles for Nintendo’s Wii U. All four games were released at launch and were outdated right at launch. Wii also had Madden NFL with fewer features while the NHL series did not show up on either console, except for the Wii which had NHL Slapshot, as published by Attack Of The Fanboy

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