Vitamin B Can Diminish Schizophrenia Symptoms

By Rodney Rafols , Feb 18, 2017 03:38 AM EST

Vitamins are good for the health. A study finds that certain vitamins can be good for some mental disorders as well. Vitamin B can diminish schizophrenia symptoms, as a study reveals.

Vitamin B has been found to be effective in minimizing schizophrenia's symptoms. These include the different forms of Vitamin B, which are Vitamin B6, Vitamin B8 and Vitamin B12. High doses of Vitamin B are found to be more effective than standard treatments.

The study has been made by researchers from the University of Manchester. Lead author of the study is Joseph Firth from the Division of Psychology and Mental Health. He has observed that Vitamin B has improved the outcome of patients with schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia makes up one percent of the population. Treatment is made through antipsychotic medicine. Long term outcome using these medicines however has not been good. Around 60 percent of patients have a relapse within five years. Some have symptoms such as hallucinations delusions return a few months into treatment.

The research has studied 832 patients in 18 clinical trials. All of the patients have antipsychotic medicine as treatment. When Vitamin B has been used for intervention, it has been found that high doses of Vitamin B or a combination of it with other vitamins have been effective. Lower doses of Vitamin B have not been effective, according to the University of Manchester's site.

Vitamin B intervention has also been much better if applied earlier. Study co-author Jerome Sarris, professor from Western Sydney University has said that food-based supplements work well with schizophrenia. Certain amino acids can be used as well for it, as Science Daily reports.

The study will continue and would later focus on how nutrients play a role in improving mental health. Nutrient-based treatments would also be studied on its effect on metabolic health. The study has shown that Vitamin B can diminish schizophrenia symptoms. A study has found that carbohydrate intake can help in workout recovery.

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