Microsoft Xbox One S Price Drops To $250 To Match PS4

Micrososft Xbox One S Price Drops To $250 To Match PS4
The Xbox One price drop is taking place at various retailers, including Amazon, GameStop, Target, Best Buy and Walmart, amongst others. So there’s no excuse when it comes to finding a good deal on it. Photo : PhoneDog/YouTube

Just recently, Sony announced a $50 price drop on its PlayStation 4, hoping to get more units into the homes of all avid gamers everywhere in the world. And now, Microsoft appears to be doing the same strategy. The company announced that it has lowered the price on all the units of the Xbox One and Xbox One S bundles, making the game console to be as cheap as $250.

Microsoft Xbox One and Xbox One S Bundles Price Drops To $250

As reported by WWG, after Sony announces its price drop on the PS4, here comes Microsoft lowering the price of the Xbox One bundles. Recently, Microsoft announced that it has lowered the price of its Xbox One and Xbox One S bundles. Because of this strategy, the price now of the bundle is just $250. This price cut will keep going until February 25th, Saturday, and will include all Microsoft’s newest system bundles.

In addition to the good news, the price drop is taking place at numerous retailers such as Amazon, GameStop, Target, Best Buy and Walmart. With this, there’s no excuse when it comes to finding a really good sale on it. The Microsoft Xbox One price cut is considered a good deal on all Xbox One and Xbox One S bundles, which includes the very new 1 TB Xbox One S Halo Wars 2 system. Its listed price is $350, but the discounted price brings it down to just $300. When you avail this, you will also receive a copy of the Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition, which is unveiled today ahead of its official release on February 21.

There are actually a few Xbox One S bundles that are accessible. This includes the 500 GB Battlefield 1 system, which comes with not just the game but also a one-month subscription to EA Access. In regular price, it sells for $300 bu now, it is available for just $25.

Xbox One Price Drops To Match PS4

According to GameSpot, this move of Microsoft was made to compete with Sony. The company is said to be hoping that people can see something a little more permanent down the road, that is maybe when Project Scorpio arrives on the market. The price cut is very similar to Sony's temporary PS4 price drop that started February 12 and will until February 25. When Sony officially announced its PS4 price drop, it was only a matter of time before Microsoft matched it as done in the past.

Quick Review On The Microsoft Xbox One

The Microsoft Xbox One debuted in 2013. Initially, Microsoft stated that the Xbox One would require a stable internet connection for both single and multiple players. The company falls back on that news ahead of the official release date, cobbling together all the pieces of code to assure that games played at its launch. Still then, the Xbox One came with a sizable day-one patch.

Thanks to last year’s Windows 10 update, the UI of the Microsoft Xbox One becomes faster and easier to use. The update on Windows 10 makes the console more responsive as well as easier to use and navigate. Aside from that, one of its upsides is that most of backward-compatible Xbox 360 games run well on Xbox One. As reported, its main downside is that it is still missing features from the Microsoft Xbox 360 such as the system-wide game defaults.


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