For Honor Guide To Defeating Orochi

By Hauntress , Feb 18, 2017 01:32 PM EST

Orochi is a fast and hard hitter, who does well against button mashers and aggressive players, along with an incredible offensive power and counterattack tools that are almost always guaranteed to work. To fight Orochi is as straightforward as avoiding to play aggressively and be very careful in executing attacks.

Countering Orochi's Moves

YouTuber Amin Productions made a video about Orochi, and gave a few pieces of advice on how to counter and fight effectively against the character. He noted that most Orochi will start an attack from above with its Zephyr Slash. It's important to keenly observe and keep a watchful eye on the opponent.

Mastering the timing and parrying the first attack effectively are the keys to defeating a competent Orochi. When the opponent goes for a Zephyr Slash, the player needs to be ready to parry the top stance. Once the parry is successful, it's a great choice to move for a grab.

Storm Rush is also a powerful tool that Orochi holds within its arsenal of cool and swift attacks. Take note of which hand the sword is placed and block accordingly. The attach may be fast, but they are also predictable. Predicting where the attacks will come from is a big factor when fighting against Orochi.

Avoid getting aggressive when fighting againts Orochi because he has effective counters that will drain the player's health fast. The best way to defeat Orochi is to bait him, parry his move, then attack. The Orochi might also try to go for a stun; the player just needs to be ready to counter it.

Mind Games With Orochi

Playing mind games with Orochi is the best way to defeat him since his strength lies in counter attacks. Feigning heavy attacks is a great tactic and it's not hard to finish him because his health pool is the smallest among the heroes. With more players learning and mastering their preferred characters, and fewer players are fighting aggressively and carelessly, the fall of a formerly dubbed OP character down from infamy will not be surprising at all.

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