Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Players Plagued By Bots, Spams; Valve Responds To Hack

By Benjie Batanes , Feb 20, 2017 04:10 AM EST

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players currently have to put up with bots and spams in the game. Game developer Valve is responding to the latest hacking attack.

About CS:GO Hacking Attack

CS:GO players are confronted with numerous bots in the game. Aside from the bots, the hack attack has spilled to the lobbies with spam text appearing even in the private groups. Kicking the bots and text spammer out appear to have little effect. This is not the first hacking incident in Counter-Strike. ESEA reported a Counter-Strike league data breach involving 1.5 million members a month ago.

Hacker's Logic

Ironically, the hacker responsible is telling his victims that he is doing it due to the game's vulnerability to hacking. CS:GO players' reactions were varied, some applauding the hacker but many are angry as the hack was made during the weekend.

Valve's Response

Nevertheless, it prompted Valve to undertake a quick response against the hack attack. The developer issued a statement that the problem is being addressed. As of press time, Valve can only employ stop gap measures while a permanent remedy is still being developed.

The temporary fix though is not enough based on the continuing complaints from CS:GO players. Some have tried to lend a hand by proposing their own remedy to the current hacking problem. Unfortunately, the hacker simply adjusted his tactics when a counter-measure was deployed. No doubt the hacker is also hanging out in CS:GO social networks groups like Reddit. Some have temporarily stopped playing the game waiting for a more permanent solution from Valve.

AI Counter For CS Cheaters

Meanwhile, Valve is currently creating an AI counter for CS:GO cheaters. The developer admitted that it took them a while in creating an anti-cheat software for the game. Counter-Strike is a complicated FPS in which more than a million matches take place daily. An early working model is currently in place, according to Kotaku. Unfortunately, it could not yet stop the latest hack attack that is currently going on right now.


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