Destiny To Fix Unintended Health Regen Perks

Destiny’s latest patch HotFix shook the game’s meta in PvP as well as the game’s weapon balance. The patch also changed nearly all of the Health Regen perks for the entire game unintentionally. This ranged from abilities, weapons, supers, and armor perks. After the patch was released, Bungie immediately admitted their mistake in Destiny. The developer will continue to monitor the situation and once the next step was decided upon, they will give an update.

Bungie posted on its official forums stating that the change gave the game designers a chance to look at how it could affect the game positively. The health regen perks give players the ability to still recover and buy themselves more time without completely resetting an otherwise fatal encounter.

One-hit-kill weapons are less dominant and that means players using their primary weapons more often as the ammos for 1-hit-kill weapons have been dramatically decreased. With little or no special ammo in weapons such as sniper rifles and shotguns, it is harder to shut down a Super.

Bungie is planning to roll back some changes completely while leaving others still functioning the same. Health regen perks will immediately regenerate upon activation. The shields do not regenerate however. More health is restored per activation/kill.

Perks that will function the same are the hungering blade, lifesteal, red death, cauterize and transfusion. Bungie will also remove the cooldown for cauterize and transfusion. Also, all the perks mentioned will get 58% increase to the flat amount of health that gets returned.

The rollback will affect these perks and will return back to how they functioned before HotFix These perks are Suros Regime, No Backup Plans, Apotheosis Veil, Embrace the Void and Ward of Dawn cast. Bungie states that they are currently testing these changes and there is a possibility that further changes could happen, as published by GameRant.

Bungie states that an immediate fix for the problem will be coming as Bungie will be listening and watching for fan feedbacks about the changes. The fix for the unintentional changes will come sooner or later, said the developers. Destiny is a first-person shooting game developed by Bungie for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as reported by SegmentNext.

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