Hollywood Sides With Brad Pitt On Divorce? Angelina Jolie Brings Kids To Cambodia

Top stars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had a rough year and things are not looking good until now. As actors, they are part of the community of celebrities and just recently, something gave away that Brad Pitt has won the support of Hollywood. Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie has taken along their kids to Cambodia while she on work.

People have invested feelings and time cheering on Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, especially their inspiring relationship but when the news of divorce was reported, fans were also heartbroken. In this time of emotional turmoil, one would wonder what Hollywood thinks of high-profile celebrity couples and break-ups and they might have just hinted that they have Brad’s back in this present situation. Brad made a surprise appearance at the recent Golden Globe Awards ceremony when the movie, “Moonlight” was given Best Motion Picture – Drama.

Brad was one of the producers of the said film and when he came out on the stage, he was received with a standing ovation that lasted for a while, hindering him from giving his speech. This most likely tells that Hollywood is applauding not just Brad’s recent career achievement but being able to keep it together amidst the divorce. It won’t be a surprise that they are sympathizing with Brad especially when Angelina blindsided him with the divorce and put up charges of child abuse against him, whom she has claimed before to be a wonderful father to their children.

But then again, nobody really knows the real story but the divorce and the amount of media coverage it is getting can be too much. With that, Angelina has even taken all of their six children to Cambodia, even though she was there for work. She went to Cambodia to promote her latest film from Netflix, “First They Killed My Father” and she said that Maddox and Pax, who were born in Cambodia, helped with the project. Despite the ongoing divorce settlement, Angelina has said that Brad will always be family to her.

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