Battlefield 1 Update: New Fronlines Mode Teased Via Trailer

It was about a month ago when Battlefield 1 developers gave out a few details about They Shall Not Pass. This is the game's first part of its post-launch content. DICE and Electronic Arts have decided to include a new mode for their fans, and it will be called Frontlines. As of now, the two companies are giving an improved idea that is related to the fresh game mode for Battlefield 1, especially since the expansion will be fully launched next month.

As what can be seen in the video from the official Battlefield YouTube channel, Frontlines are tasked to give a certain gameplay experience to Battlefield 1 that is comparable to a mix of Conquest and Rush. This is because the maps have been broken up into sequences of straightforward objectives for player to complete.

However, there is only one of it that is active. This is also because soldiers would start a sort of tug-of-war situation along the middle, according to Game Rant. For the game to progress through the first phase, one of the fighting sides will have to capture all of the objectives on their way to the enemy base.

When one faction would reach the other's base in the Frontlines mode in Battlefield 1, the objectives would vary. This is because the players are required to destroy two telegraph posts inside the stronghold. It is just unfortunate for those who are on the offensive, since the defending team can utilize telegraphs to request for artillery strikes in the middle of this phase.

This is for the purpose of leveling up the group's difficulty in their attempt to dismantle the posts inside the base. As a result, the telegraph posts will be completely ruined and the attacking side will run out of reinforcement. Due to this, the second phase will end.


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