Android Update 2017: It Could Be Called Android Oreo

While the Android 7 update has just been launched a few months ago and is still rolling out to phones, reports about the next Android version have already surfaced the web. However, the focus of the Android 2017 hype isn't on the features. The focus is on what its name will be. The pattern is clear and fans know that Android updates are named alphabetically and are generally named after sweets. The last two Android updates are called Marshmallow and Nougat. Now, rumor has it that the next one will be called Android Oreo.

Android 8 2017: What's Known So Far

As per Phone Arena, the Android Nougat was first introduced March of last year. With that said, there's a good chance that the next update will be showcased around the same time. The Nougat was shown off ahead of last year's Google I/O, and with the 2017 Google I/O drawing near, a developer preview of the Android O is expected by many. Of course, the actual launch date of the next Android update won't be happening anytime soon considering that the Nougat was released August of last year. However, it's just exciting to see what Google has prepared for the 2017 OS update, and most importantly, it's exciting to find out what the Android-O will be named.

Android Oreo Moniker Leaked

The nearest thing fans can get a clue regarding the next Android update's name is Hiroshi Lockheimer's tweet. The SVP of Android, Chrome OS, and Play has tweeted a simple Oreo cake GIF. Needless to say, this post has easily been interpreted by people as an Android-related clue.

Nevertheless, it's also worth noting that the SVP is also known for leaking Android names that did not make it. Additionally, internal codes and final labels may also differ. The point is, do take this leak with a pinch of skepticism. Considering that Lockheimer also tweeted "2018" with the image of Pocky chocolate biscuits, it's pretty hard to distinguish whether the SVP is giving out clues or just playing around.

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