Android 2017 Update: Everything We Know About Android O

By Justin Lee , Feb 01, 2017 05:55 AM EST

It hasn't been too long ago since the Android Nougat was introduced. However, as 2017 enters, heads are slowly turning towards Android-O's direction. The next-gen Android update hasn't been announced yet but there have already been quite a lot of expectations about it. Here's what's known about the 2017 Android update so far.

Android 2017 Update: What Will Google Name It

Right now, the most popular guess for Android-O's name is Android Oreo. Google hasn't confirmed this yet, but this name has already been mentioned many times. There are also other name predictions for the next OS update and this includes Android Oliebol, Android Oatmeal Cookie, and Android Orange. Nevertheless, it may take a few more months before the Android 8.0 will finally be unveiled.

Android 8.0 Release Schedule

According to sources, the first Android 8.0 preview could take place on May at the Google I/O 2017. Nevertheless, since this hasn't been confirmed by the company yet, anything is still possible, besides, the Android Nougat was released earlier than last year's Google I/O. As for the public release of the Android 8.0, fans can expect a release timeframe similar to Android Nougat. This means that the Android-O can be officially released August or September, allowing for a good iOS competition as Apple is also expected to release the iOS 11 around that same timeframe. Additionally, Google's flagship phones are also expected to arrive within that season, so a late-2017 Android-O release pretty much makes sense.

Android 8.0: What's Expected From The Next-gen OS Update

As of now, the Android-O continues to get wish-lists from tech blogs and fans. However, the company might not be ready to disclose anything yet, at least not at this point in time. Nevertheless, as per Android Central, it would be nice if Google will be able to make Google Assistant friendlier and most importantly, smarter. Furthermore, better desktop management tools will also be great additions alongside a nice theme engine. These are just some of the predictions and aspirations for the Android-O. Hopefully, Google will be able to keep up with its fans' expectations.

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