NieR Automata News: Details on "Android System" And DLC Revealed

is almost here. As the release date approaches, Square Enix have been unraveling bits and pieces about the game. This time, they give us the information about the games' DLC and "Android" System through a live stream.

NieR: Automata "Android System"

According to Gematsu, in the latest Dengeki Live Stream NieR: Automata is about to add, what is called, an "Android System" into the game. The System allows players to return to the place where they died.

When a player dies in the game, an Android will be placed on the place they died. The android contains a lot of data and when the player decides to recover them, they can take the data back. If the player dies again without their android being recovered, players will eventually lose the last android. Finally, if players have been playing for a long time, without recovering the Android, the robot will eventually disappear.

If the player decides to "repair" the android, the android will have the ability to fight alongside the player in a period of time. In addition, if the player is online, the player can look for other androids and repair them. When you do, you can fight together with other players' droid, again, within a period of time. Whether player gains other players' data, doing so is yet to be revealed,

NieR: Automata News DLC And Other Live Stream Details

According to the live stream, Automata will also be releasing a DLC. However not much is said about it.

It turns out that 9S Voice Actor Natsuki Hanae has requested for a DLC because of this, Square Enix has decided to make one. The voice actor is hoping to get a costume for Caim from Drakengard 2B. However, whether this will be a part of the downloadable content is still a mystery.

The live stream also talked about the PC port for Automata. VG247 reported that producer Yosuke Saito said that the game will make it into Steam but Square Enix and Platinum Games are still thinking about it. This is inline with the recent games being pirated during the early release.

NieR: Automata will be released on February 23 in Japan, March 7 in North Amera, and March 10 in Europe. The Playstation 4 demo is now out and can be downloaded worldwide.

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