Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fiasco Might Prevent Wireless Charging On iPhone 8

By Mae Cervantes , Feb 21, 2017 11:25 AM EST

Apple has been aiming to customize wireless charging system. However, the last report speculates that the Galaxy Note 7's battery issues may keep Apple from releasing it on iPhone 8. The new battery of the upcoming iPhone may not feature wireless charging.

iPhone: Wireless Charging Concept

Apple has been collaborating with Broadcom to build wireless charging for iPhone. JPMorgan analyst, Harlan Sur, revealed that the two tech giants are working on customized wireless charging system for almost two years. However, Sur unveiled that the new feature will not be available on the upcoming iPhone because of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, as pointed out by CNBC.

Reports claimed that Apple is cautious enough to avoid potential batteries problems or future dangers regarding wireless charging. However, Samsung stated that the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco is due to overheating of batteries. The South Korean company did not point out wireless charging as a problem.

Apple Joins Wireless Power Consortium

The tech giant confirmed that it had joined the Wireless Power Consortium but did not address speculations that it is developing its own wireless charging. Rumors about the iPhone 8 being all in glass are fueling speculations that wireless charging for the next iPhone might still be possible.

Sur stated that the glass cover is conductive to wireless charging and minimizes signal interference compared to a metal casing. The JPMorgan analyst added that glass casing might extend and enhanced the hardware ecosystem. Thus, fast charging can be made possible.

Energous Technology Concept

According to Apple Insider, Energous might provide wireless charging to iPhone 8. Energous technology utilizes 5 GHz radio frequency and it recharges batteries through beam-forming emissions. The rumors started when Energous CEO, Steve Rizzone, revealed that one of the leading electronics companies had signed a deal to put Energous charging solutions in a smart device. However, the CEO said that it is not with Apple and no technology concept is in the process.


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