Play The Nintendo Switch Before Launch In These 3 Places

By Monica U Santos , Feb 22, 2017 03:19 AM EST

To show people how the Switch will work, Nintendo is showcasing its versatility across the country with highly visual, interactive living room-inspired spaces in areas you would never expect. The company wants to bring customers surprises to every event that they will host. To make the first event even more exciting, John Cena, an American professional wrestler, rapper and actor, will be the special guest at the location.

A Quick Review On The Nintendo Switch

The Switch is the most awaited video game console developed by Nintendo. It is considered as the company's seventh major home console. The Nintendo Switch is considered as a "hybrid" console since it is designed originally as a home console with the main unit injected onto a docking station to connect to a TV. The Nintendo Switch costs £280 in the UK, $300 in the US and 29,980 Yen in Japan.

Play The Nintendo Switch On These 3 Stops

The first Nintendo Switch trial experience will be Feb. 23 in the desert at Blue Cloud Movie Ranch. All the invited guests in this stop will get the chance to participate in the allotted interactive space. They will also experience different Nintendo Switch game titles, as well as delight in the innovation of playing these games in a totally unexpected locale. According to Business Wires, Cena will be the special guest and he is expected to play 1 to 2 Nintendo Switch games.

The second Nintendo Switch stop will be on Feb. 27 in the popular Snowmass ski resort at Aspen, Colorado. The unexpected location highlights that games on the Nintendo Switch can be played in any place, even in a remote are like the side of a snowy mountain. Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said that this event also provides a "one-of-a-kind surprise-and-delight moments" to all customers which Nintendo does best.

The third stop on the Nintendo Switch journey will be on its release date, March 3. As announced by Nintendo, this final event will be in Madison Square Park in New York City. The venue will be surrounded by passionate fans and interested observers. Two very famous brothers which character named as Mario and Luigi will also join the fun and celebrate the launch day.


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