Does Masturbation Increase Testosterone? Find Out

By Donna Bellevue , Feb 22, 2017 02:10 AM EST

One common questions about masturbation is if it can increase testosterone in men. Several researches have been done to find the answer to that question. Experts say that the truth is that testosterone levels are not as simple as being solely affected by masturbation, or even by abstinence.

A 2001 study supports this statement when they subjected male participants to both sessions of masturbation and a period of abstinence. The goal is to compare which can increase, or affect testosterone level. The respondents were instructed to avoid ejaculating for three weeks.

The men were then asked to watch an erotic film and masturbate. Interestingly, the researchers found that there is a tiny drop of testosterone levels before the masturbation sessions started. Then after 21 days of abstinence, testosterone levels stayed close to the same figure during the 10-minute baseline set when they masturbated.

The researchers concluded that testosterone concentration did not show any significant changes during masturbation and when they abstained from it. However, there has been higher testosterone concentrations following the period of abstinence. Dr. Nan Wise, a sex therapist and psychotherapist who specializes in cognitive neuroscience says that the study shows testosterone levels increase if men abstain for seven days or more, the Broadly reports.

However, there hasn't been any continued evidence of the finding. Although known to increase during sexual arousal and after orgasm by masturbation, the relationship between testosterone and masturbation isn't simple. Dr. Wise explains that testosterone isn't something that just spikes until it spills out during orgasm.

According to the Medical Daily, masturbation does not significantly affect testosterone levels. Hormone concentration involves factors, such as age, time of day, and physical activity. So this is one of the rare situations where doctors advise: If it feels good, do it," Dr. Wise says.

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