Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter Crossover Unlikely But Not Impossible

NetherRealm Studios Creative Director Ed Boon had recently spoke about the possibility of a crossover between Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. He notes that while there would be many hurdles to make the game a reality. He said that if Capcom were to approach him about the crossover game, he would likely have to entertain the possibility.

Boon stated that there is a part of him that thinks the crossover game would be such a cool dream. He states that there is also a part of him that thinks that there is no way the game would satisfy everybody. Co-creator of Mortal Kombat explained that even if the game was rated M and they could tear Ryu’s head off, the crossover would still be a difficult challenge because of the difference of how the two games play.

Boon talked said that there is different pacing and different fundamentals to both games. He also gave Street Fight x Tekken as an example of how one of the licenses is going to have to sacrifice something when it comes to fighting game crossovers. He said that he does not know if they would ever find the sweet spot if Mortal Kombat versus Street Fighter were to happen.

When asked whether Boon would respond if Capcom were to call and offer to have NetherRealm develop a crossover fighting game, he said that he would have to entertain it. Boon said that they would have to do a lot of research with Street Fighter players to learn what they would want from the game, as reported by IGN.

A potential crossover game would require not only some kind of arrangement between Mortal Kombat owner Warner Bros. and Capcom, it would also need some gameplay solutions. Boon pointed out that the two franchises have different takes on fighting. Other fighting game crossovers that were released over the years included Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe and Tekken x Street Fighter, as published by GameSpot.

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