Rumor Debunked: Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 Will Not Be Sold In Emerging Markets

The Galaxy Note 7 topic is far from over. Apparently, some news broke out saying that Samsung will be selling refurbished Note 7 in emerging markets. The rumor said that India and Vietnam, among other countries, will see the return of the Note 7 in their markets. However, Samsung was quick to provide a clarification saying that the rumor isn't true and that the Note 7 isn't re-entering the market.

The Rumor: Refurbished Note 7's Comeback

According to Android Authority, the rumor started with The Korean Economic Daily website. The news said that Samsung will be replacing Note 7's battery and resell the phone in emerging markets. The rumor even went as far as mentioning a predicted launch date which is June of 2017. Additionally, it was said that Galaxy Note 7's 3500 mAh battery will be changed to a 3000 mAh or 3200 mAh battery.

This actually isn't the first time that the Note 7 has returned to the headlines after its utter cancellation. Around December of last year, news also broke out about Samsung's decision to roll out a bricking update to the unreturned Note 7 devices. Nevertheless, those reports were true and Samsung was indeed keen on taking back all the hazard-prone devices from the consumers. With that said, it actually makes sense that this new rumor has been confirmed as false news. There's clearly no reason for Samsung to re-release the phablet that they worked so hard to confiscate.

The Truth: Samsung Debunks Note 7 Comeback Rumor

It only takes one line from Samsung to have all these details set straight. As per Sam Mobile, a Samsung India spokesperson said the report regarding the selling of the refurbished Note 7 in India "is incorrect."  With that said, Note 7 fans have no choice but to wait for the Galaxy Note 8 to come out before you can get your hands on a legit and updated Note device. There's no need to worry though, as the Note 8 is a confirmed smartphone that is expected to arrive on the second half of the year.

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