Why People Are Looking Forward To Samsung's 2017 Flagships: Galaxy S8 And Galaxy Note 8 Expectations

Right now, Samsung has so much pressure on its shoulders as the company is about to release its new flagship devices. Considering the controversy that the Galaxy Note 7 has brought about last year, it's understandable for the company to be a little anxious about their next products. Nevertheless, as amusing as it may be, it looks like the consumers aren't exactly fazed by the Note 7's safety issue, at least not fazed enough to boycott Samsung's next smartphones. In fact, there are many people awaiting the company's 2017 flagships.

Samsung Galaxy 2017 Flagships

Samsung is set to release the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note 8 this year, and while it is easy to assume that the Note 7 fiasco will ruin Samsung's chances at success this year, this idea could be quite wrong. In fact, even the "dangerous" Note 7 got quite a positive response from some of its buyers. It's worth noting that there were people who decided not to get rid of their Note 7 despite the recall and Samsung had to release a killing update to the remaining Note 7 phones. These people are the fraction of people awaiting Samsung's next phones so as to have their recalled devices replaced with a valid substitute.

Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy Note 8 Rumor roundup

One more reason why the 2017 Samsung flagships are highly-awaited is because they are quite a stunner. The Galaxy S8 is expected to come with no home button, a display or rear positioned fingerprint scanner and an iris scanner. As per Business Insider, it could also come in two curved variants that will differ in sizes. Additionally, Samsung may use AMOLED display and a dual-lens rear camera. A new AI assistant could also be introduced with the name Bixby and a Continuum-like feature may also be included. Just like what Apple did, Samsung might also be ditching the headphone jack. On top of that, Harman stereo speakers might also be used.

As for the Note 8, not a lot of info has been leaked about Samsung's 2017 phablet yet. However, there's good chance that it will share some features with the Galaxy S8 such as the Bixby assistant, lack of a home button and the ditching of the headphone jack. The Galaxy Note 8 could also inherit some of its predecessor's traits like the iris scanner. Additionally, as per Tech Times, rumor has it that the Galaxy Note 8 could come with a 4K display and VR-ready design. It could also come with a top-notch processor and an improved stylus pen.


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