Players Are Trying To Solve Mystery Quest In Watch Dogs 2

By Shayne Caravana , Feb 22, 2017 05:48 PM EST

Ubisoft has made Watch Dogs 2 more challenging than before. With the help of the recently released patch to the game, players have discovered a new mystery quest. With the help of dataminers, they are trying to decode for the quest.

The suspicions of the players regarding the code that they have found in Watch Dogs 2 hinted that there will be a new quest in the game. According to Kotaku, players heard an in-game conversation calling themselves as shuffler hunters.

The players think that the new mystery quest will happen in Watch Dogs 2 because Shuffler is based on an urban legend. Their speculations have been confirmed when they asked if the upcoming quest is real and part of the soon-to-be released update.

Last Feb. 15, they have noticed that some characters in the game have been missing. They have found out some graffiti in Watch Dogs 2's Oakland. They believe that it is one of the hints that Ubisoft is dropping in the game.

One player even said that the Shuffler quest is building up its anticipation because he cannot get it out of his head. The new quest in Watch Dogs 2 will not be about hacking corporations but instead it will be about finding missing people. It makes the game even more exciting.

As per VG247, players are still waiting for Ubisoft's new hints for Watch Dogs 2's Shuffler quest. But it seem they do not have to wait any longer because a new DLC will be available anytime. That means that they can solve the quest sooner than they think.

The slow progress of Watch Dogs 2's sales have been boosted up ever since players have informed other gamers about the storyline of the game. With Ubisoft's new DLC coming, it seems that the game will gain more players than before.

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