For Honor Guide: Locations Of Observables And Breakables

By Shayne Caravana , Feb 22, 2017 06:00 PM EST

For the players to enjoy For Honor even more, Ubisoft added observables and breakables to the game. The former is a place wherein the players can interact and the latter are pots that contain exciting rewards that they can use in the future.

Observables And Breakables In Warlords' Mission 1.1 

There are 10 observables for the mission 1.1. The first observable in For Honor if you are playing using a warlor is located on the tower on the left side. The next observable is on the spot wherein the players will find the soldier in the same tower. They have to walk slowly and turn to their right.

The players will see soldiers fighting before they will see a castle to their right. The next observable is located at the bottom of the stairs. The next observable the players can see is when they turn around to go back inside the tower.

Along the hallway, they will see a painting and two of the four breakables in For Honor's mission 1.1. After that, the eight observable is on the lion statute. Beside the statue is the third breakable and after breaking it, They need to go upstairs and they will see the last breakable.

The players will find a room upstairs and the ninth observable is a statue. The players can now head out to go to the 10th observable. Once they are outside, they need to walk towards the right wall to see the last observable, according to Games Radar.

Observables In Viking's Mission 2.1

There are eight observables in the first mission in Vikings' chapter. Once the players have started with the mission, they will see a burning house and they must head left to see the first observable. Next, they need to walk at night towards the burning house and follow the path on the right. After that, they will see a house with a white roof and to its left is their second.

As per Game Pur, they need to walk towards the last hut because that is the third observable. The fourth, fifth and sixth observables are close to each other. They can find them in the same area with wooden barrels.

The seventh observable is near a burning house and they will see a wooden structure on its left. Lastly, players can see the eight observable at a rock house with a door that has an animal head on it. Also, there are only three breakables in the mission.

Hopefully, players will be able to locate all of the observables and breakables in For Honor because they will be needing to go there and to smash all the pots to get the rewards. They must remember that not all of the items are the same depending on their mission.

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