For Honor Character Guide: How To Use Berserker

By Hauntress , Feb 22, 2017 06:33 PM EST

The Berserker is part of the Viking faction and dual wields axes like the combat-loving savages that they are. They are so badass they throw caution to the wind and charges into battle without any thought about their safety. Battle beckons them and they see no need for armor but their own skin and skills. Clearly, the Berserker is one of the bravest champions in "For Honor" and here are some tips and tricks on how to tame this savage beast.

For Honor: Berserker Tips

The Berserker is fast due to his lack of heavy armor despite his size. He can dish out great damage and it's easy to take health away from the enemy after a couple of hits. His chains can get longer when he alternates between late and heavy attacks, this means the stamina that gets spent is lower after every hit. The Berserker can do an infinite attack chain by doing Light, Heavy, Light, Heavy, Light and so on until the stamina drains.

Just like every other assassin in the game, he has a low health pool and he can't defend properly. His main tool for keeping himself from damage is dodging. To let the Berserker shine in "For Honor," just like his overview, it's important to keep the pressure on the opponent. Keep attacking and don't think about defense.

For Honor: Berserker Is Fun

To sum it all up, the Berserker do not block but he can deflect and dodge in "For Honor." Dodging is more effective since it utilizes the Berserker's innate speed and agility. He can drain the enemy's stamina then go for the kill after. His infinite attacks can deal serious damage against an opponent by alternating between Light and Heavy.

When dodging, timing is key and it's more effective when the Berserker dodges in the direction of the attack. If the attack is deflected when timed correctly, a follow-up is guaranteed. 

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