For Honor Character Guide: How To Master The Kensei

The Kensei is master of the Nodachi - a slightly longer blade than the classic katana meant for horseback use. They have a balanced gameplay, are slower than other units but have a longer range. Kensei's special capabilities though are its bread and butter since his high heavy attacks are Unblockable. Here are some tips and tricks on how to master Kensei.

For Honor: Kensei Basics

Kensei is a Vanguard class which means he's one of the characters that is readily available to the player when they start the game. His adaptability and versatility are where the Kensei shines in For Honor because he can be pitted against any enemy hero. But the Kensei flourishes during battle through his chains and combos.

Firstly, the Chain Starters, these are the tools that start the combos and they include Helm Splitter, Swift Strike and Guardbreak. YouTuber JV2017gameplay also talks about the Throw Into a Chain Finisher, or follow-ups after any throw and Top Heavy Finisher Unblockable which finishes any chain with Kensei's top heavy unblockable special ability in For Honor. He also shared tips about Kensei's chains, when and how to use them.

Dawn Of The Steel Sun - Light, Light, Light. Kensei's light attacks are fast and deceivingly long ranged. This is a great tool to interrupt heavy and slow attacks.

Spirit Of Inevitability - Light, Light, Heavy. This chain is the modified version of the first tool. After two light attacks, Kensei can end with a heavy attack, even opt for the Top Heavy unblockable one.

Form Of The Dragon - Light, Heavy, Heavy. Despite dishing out heavy attacks, the Kensei can still be deceivingly quick. It can end with the top heavy unblockable or the Kensei can cancel.

Doom Of The Kensei - Heavy, Heavy, Heavy. When using this tool, it's important to switch directions often to keep the opponent from adapting to the pattern. It can end with the top heavy unblockable but using the top heavy finisher should be as sparingly possible since it has a long wind up time - mixing it up a bit with the cancels is a great strategy to counter in For Honor.

Rushing Sweep - Sprint + Heavy. The only move that doesn't guard. It shouldn't be used unless the player can catch the enemy by surprised.

Helm Splitter - Forward + Dodge, Light. An ability that immediately closes the gap to the opponent. It's quick and does not drain the stamina. It's a great chain starter.

Swift Strike - Side + Dodge, Light. A swift deceiving tool that's hard to counter. It can be a great chain starter.

Grasping Pounce - Forward + Dodge, Guard Break.  A move that can help the Kensei close the gap immediately. Any chain can follow-up after the guard break.

For Honor: Kensei Tips

Canceling the top heavy unblockable finisher with either a side light or a side heavy is a great feinting tool. The top heavy unblockable has a wind up that spins the Kensei and ignites flames on his arms which can throw the enemy off. Use the side light against faster enemies and leave the side heavy for the slower ones. Mix it in, allow the character to finish the top heavy unblockable and master the cancels in For Honor. 

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