Emma Watson As Belle In 'Beauty And The Beast' vs Amy Adams In 'Enchanted 2': Who's The Fairest Of Them All

Emma Watson will soon be in the role of Belle in "Beauty and the Beast." Her interpretation is expected to unavoidably raise judgments with other actresses who have starred in other live-action Disney films. One of them is Amy Adams, who will soon reprise her role as Princess Giselle in "Enchanted 2."

Mixed Reviews On Emma Watson As Belle

Most of the comments posted on the official YouTube trailer towards Emma Watson have been positive. Everyone seems to believe that she is the "perfect choice" for the adaptation. The fact that she is beautiful and smart also makes the character fitted for the Paris-born avant-garde.

Some netizens have however marked some negative pieces about the "Harry Potter" lady. As for others like me, Watson is artlessly cute to play a role that is meant to be "gorgeous." The former child star also speciously has awkward angles. These are evident in how "cringed" her smiles get and how slipshod she is.

Was Amy Adams a better live-action Disney princess?

The ostensibly relaxed identity of Emma Watson in "Beauty and the Beast" is opposite that of another Disney princess. This is none other than Amy Adams, who was featured in the 2007 live-action musical film "Enchanted." She showed a childlike fairytale royal who got teleported to New York. While she was there, she ended up falling in love with a single father played by Patrick Dempsey.

Based on remarks on one of the movie's highlighted videos, the 42-year-old actress was "perfect" as Princess Giselle. Letting go of her reserves to the point of being silly on-cam. Her musical attitude was also perfect for a role that made her burst into several songs throughout the film. "Corny, cheesy, cliché... indeed why I liked the movie," one commenter wrote.

Enchanted 2

Adams' portrayal is believed to be one of the reasons why Disney will do "Enchanted 2" sequel soon. A report was confirmed via USA Today earlier this year. "Hairspray" director Adam Shankman confirmed it too via Twitter. Shankman will be directing the highly-anticipated "Enchanted 2" sequel. Even though we haven't confirmed the release date yet, production for the film will allegedly start this year.

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