'Silicon Valley' Season 4 Updates And Spoilers: Official Trailer Released; Richard Hendricks Makes A Successful New Invention

Richard Hendricks and his crew are coming back in "Silicon Valley" season 4, and it seems that the tech savant is up to something. In the trailer for the upcoming installment, it can be seen that Richard has formulated a new idea to regain the Pied Piper, although it seems like has lost it.
The trailer of "Silicon Valley" season 4 sees Richard and his team working on the video chat application that they have started in the previous installment. As they are trying to revive the Pied Piper corporate name through the video chat app, the trailer reveals that Richard finally comes up with the solution that might give them the gold rush they need for their start-up tech company and get the Pied Piper back to his name.

"I need to build something else. We could build a new internet," Thomas Middleditch's Richard tells his brainy friends as can be seen in the trailer. The preview concluded with Richard seemingly getting success on his experiment. Apart from these details, though, "Silicon Valley" season 4 plot remains to be well-guarded.

The series left off where the team is trying to save the Pied Piper that Richard has been trying to guard against numerous interested parties since the beginning. It then ended up in the hands of Erlich and Big Head with only a dollar difference to Gavin Belson's offer to buy and terminate the company. The team of Richard then prepares to revive the Pied Piper as they expect Dinesh's video chat application to be their salvation. Season 5 might also see how the new internet invention of Richard will gain money for the company.

"Silicon Valley" has become a critically acclaimed comedy series due to its undeniably humorous scripts. Most reviews claim that its episodes are not redundant with the flawed characters reportedly delivering developments in every scene. Although it maintains a modest number of viewers, the HBO show has earned numerous award nominations including eight Emmys for its third season.

"Silicon Valley" season 4 will premiere on April 23 at 10 p.m. on HBO.

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