'Westworld' Season 2: Showrunners Drop Major Hints On Season 2's Plot; Ford Still Alive?

It will be a long wait until "Westworld" season 2 premieres on HBO since it is expected to air sometime in 2018. The long hiatus of the show is resulting in the slow production of updates, however, the showrunners of the hit sci-fi series dropped major hints on season 2's plot. The science of the hosts is reportedly the focus of the installment, which sparked rumors that Dr. Ford might still be alive.

Showrunners of "Westworld," Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy recently teased fans on what can be expected in season 2. The duo revealed that the installment will center on how the hosts work, and will let the viewers understand how they are powered. The sci-fi series has gained high curiosity among fans, knowing that the seeming people they are watching on the show are only cyborgs. The mystery on how they work was not really touched in the previous season, hence Nolan said he wanted to work on such aspect on the next installment.

From "Westworld" season 1, it can be recalled that hosts do not die the way humans do. These robots were presented in a manner where they can be fixed, rebooted and continue to live. Furthermore, they were programmed to decide on their own based on the default personality they are assigned with. With the revelation of Nolan, fans can expect to see themselves in a seeming science tour, as the show delves deeper into the lives of the hosts.

As was witnessed through in season 1, there is a chance that the hosts get an access down their memory lane. Fans then assume that they will also see the hosts struggle to find out their true identity before they were turned into working machines.

Meanwhile, some fans theorize that Dr. Ford is still alive. It can be recalled that the man behind Westworld was by Dolores through his head, making viewers assume that he is already dead. A fan though theorized that it is not yet over with Ford since he speculated that the doctor's host version was the one seen dead on "Westworld" season 1.

The user said that Ford was able to create several host versions of himself as he was seen somewhere in season 1 creating a host in a secret lab. Fans then claim that the host he was building on the said scene was a host of himself. Theories then suggest that the doctor sent out his oldest host and asked for his death from Dolores as a ploy. What he might be up to though is yet being discussed by fans in a forum.

It was revealed that the show has only started working on the script and plot of "Westworld" season 2. Fans may then have to wait a little longer before exact details will be dropped by the showrunners and the cast.

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