The Wolf Diet: Eat One Big Meal A Day And Never Go Hungry

By Donna Bellevue , Feb 24, 2017 01:51 AM EST

The Wolf diet have been making buzz lately due to its outlandish concept of eating just one big meal a day. Introduced by Marius Theron, the high-fat Wolf Diet approach encourages one meal a day at dinner time, with a high-protein, high-fat and low-carb focus. This new diet sounds insane, but recent studies, and a famed fitness fanatic, have pointed to the benefits of eating less frequently.
Eating three square meals a day may have been the conventional approach, with a lot of restrictions on sugar and high-fat meals in order to be healthy. However, researchers wonder if maybe it's not the food we eat that's giving us weight and health problems, but instead, maybe it's the time and frequency of eating. This is what Theron have also pondered on, and he came up with the outlandish diet idea as a result.

He based the Wolf Diet approach on a study in 2014 which found that fasting for three days could regenerate your entire immune system like flipping a "regenerative switch”. According to the Eat Out, the fasting triggers stem cells to create new white blood cells. Researchers focused the effects of fasting on cancer patients who were recovering from chemotherapy, which surprisingly yielded promising results, showing a lowering of inflammation and some signs of regeneration in the patients who fasted.

The idea is to avoid eating during the day, and gorge on high-fat foods at night before going to bed. A fitness fanatic from New Jersey, Blake Horton, has tried the diet and has been enthusiastic about it ever since, claiming that now, he never goes hungry and can focus on other things. He even films himself wolfing down on his typical 4,000-calorie meal every evening, feasting on jumbo slices of pizza, burgers, and desserts, the Mail Online reports.

He claims that the Wolf Diet has done wonders for him, helping him keep his Adonis-like muscular frame while still enjoying his junk foods. He has gained a huge online followers both on YouTube and Instagram for his eating frenzy videos. Blake says that the reason why he switched to this type of diet is because he felt so miserable when he had to restrict himself from eating just to keep his amazing shape.

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