Mobile Legends: First Look At The New Marksman, Moskov

By Kim Chan , Feb 24, 2017 08:11 AM EST

News about the upcoming hero of Mobile Legends, Moskov has been surrounded with many speculations as it was first rumored as the first Mage/Marksman hybrid. After several weeks following the release of the previous hero, Yi Sun-Shin, we now finally have full details regarding the newest hero in the game - and you Moskov looks surprisingly overpowered even at the first glance.

Mobile Legends: Moskov Overview

In the video uploaded by BluePanda, not only the details regarding Moskov have been revealed but its gameplay has been showcased as well. Earlier, we reported that Moskov will likely to be a Mage/Marksman hybrid but it turns out that while the hero utilizes some mage abilities: enhancing and teleporting, the hero is ideally built to be a fully pledge Marksman. And as you can see in the video below, just as how incredibly strong the character looks, his set of abilities are just as strong as well - even deemed overpowered by many!

Moskov's Abilities

Passive Ability: Spear of Quiescence
Moskov's basic attack can penetrate the target and deal more damage to enemies directly behind them. Hitting enemies successfully will reduce the cooldown of Abyss Walker and Spear of Death.

First Skill: Abyss Walker
Moskov uses the power of shadow to teleport to the targeted position, enhancing the hero's attack penetration ability and increasing attack speed. Duration lasts for 2 seconds.

Second Skill: Spear of Death
Moskov strikes the enemy hero with full strength, dealing physical damage and knocking back the target. If the enemy target collides with another enemy hero, both of them will receive physical damage and be stunned. If the target knocks onto obstacles, the target will be stunned. Enemies hit by this enemy cannot go in stealth for a short while.

Third Skill: Spear of Destruction
Moskov throws out the Spear of Destruction after powering up shortly, dealing massive physical damage to enemies along a straight line. For each enemy, the spear hits, Moskov's attack power increases. Effect stacks for up to 5 times, lasting for 5 seconds.

Moskov: Is The New Marksman Overpowered?

Based on Moskov's abilities, you can clearly see how the new hero can easily dominate the game especially with how strong his second skill is. In order to give you a fully grasp the hero's potential, let's break down his core strengths.

Disable - Moskov has the ability to quickly disable two nearby targets making him one of the strongest carry disablers currently in the game. Basically, Moskov can take out an initiator together with the support which can serve as a great set for your teammates for further follow ups.

Laning - Spear of Quiescence is a lot like Lanaya's Psy Blades in Dota 2. With his capability of striking enemies behind his target, Moskov has a great zoning potential; keeping the enemy hero away from the creeps, or simply harass the target slowly - creating pressure indirectly.

Mobility - Abyss Walker is a great toolkit for Moskov. Not only can it be used as a means of escape but it can also be used for initiation. It can close gaps between squishy targets and it can also power up his attacks to provide sufficient boost and take out tanks.

Ganking - Moskov is potentially dangerous either against lone targets or against a support duo. With his stun, he can quickly take out an enemy target and escape using his Abyss Walker.

Team fight - Spear of Destruction will make Moskov a great threat during team fights. Not only will it deal heavy damage to enemies in a line, it will also boost the hero's combat potential for a brief period of time.

Taking into consideration all the things above, it's apparent that the new marksman would be a lot deadlier in the battlefield. His main weak point, however, is that just like any other ADC heroes, he is squishy and cannot sustain direct attacks from his opponents. The key is to use his mobility wisely and keep your positioning in check as you hit all adjacent enemy targets. Check back for more Mobile Legends News and Updates!

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