Nier Automata Guide: How To Get All Endings

Similar to the first Nier game, players also have the chance to have their multiple Nier Automata endings if they wanted it the same way. On the contrary, players might be asked to sacrifice their save file so that they can have their True ending. Here is a guide that will help players get the Nier Automata endings.

As what can be seen on the Xtra Naughty Gaming's video, there will be around five main endings that Nier Automata have. These five endings are assigned with alphabet letters A, B, C, D, and E, according to The BitBag. The players need to replay the game and use all of their choice possibilities so that they can get each of the Automata endings. Before, the first Nier encouraged the players to replay the game so that they can have a different progression for each of their playthrough. As a result, players will need to try every choice that they have until they can find the ending that they can't turn away from.

As for the endings A and B, 2B defeats Eve and concludes the mission. On the contrary, 9S is infected with a killer virus, and this will not allow him to transfer his date back to Bunker for a respawn. 2B ends 9S' life, but this ending will show that there is still an active machine that needs to be killed. However, it is revealed that 9S was able to save his data through the devices.

The ending C and D show 9S explain the futility of the YoRHa unit's mission to A2 angrily. However, A2 responded that 9S already knew what was going on which even made 9S angry. Finally, the player will have to choose who to side with, whether to side with 9S to avenge 2B's death or having to pick A2 to stop 9S.

Ending E is said to be the true ending out of all endings. Even though Nier: Automata has an extreme genre switch in this path, this is said to be the ultimate ending because of its conclusive results. Players need to wager their whole progress and save file so that they can access ending E. The first Nier would ask the player to utilize their save file so that the true ending will be attained.


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