‘One Punch Man’ Season 2 Latest News: Super Strength Of Saitama Examined; Why He Is Hard To Beat?

Fans who are eagerly waiting for the release of "One Punch Man" season 2 have been used to Saitama's strong punches. However, they don't really know how strong his punches are. Now, they will realize the magnitude of his strength with the recent scientific study made by a science buff.

The Study Revealed The Extent Of Saitama's Strength

Kyle Hill posted in his Because Science YouTube channel a video he made about Saitama's strong punches. His video simplified the concepts that will show fans of "One Punch Man" season 2 just how strong Saitama is. He presented his theory not only from what the anime portrays but what viewers can see.

Saitama"s Punches Have Lightning Speed

By comparing the speeds of Boros and Saitama in their fights, Hill concluded that Saitama's speed is close to the speed of light by 14 percent. That would put the speed of Saitama's punches to about 43,000 kilometers per second. No wonder he can blast his opponents right out of existence. This is what fans can expect when "One Punch Man" season 2 is released.

Saitama's Punches Have Super Massive Strength

Hill also calculated the strength of Saitama's punches by using the scene where he stopped a meteor by just one punch. After he made his computations, Hill concluded that Saitama's strength could reach about 305, 914, 863 megatons. That means anyone within a radius of 1,728 kilometers will be instantly killed.

Even Alliances Of Formidable Foes Can't Overcome Saitama

It is rumored that in "One Punch Man" season 2, Saitama will be faced with a formidable alliance of the Monster Association and Garou. There are also other super strong enemies that will show up in the upcoming season. With the recent computations made by Hill regarding Saitama's strength and speed, fans could safely guess that he will be able to counter them all successfully.

Saitama's Limitations Has Yet To Be Revealed

However, Hill's calculations did not reveal the limits of Saitama's speed and strength. He suggested that Saitama could be able to unleash a punch that could reset the universe. That all the depends on what the creator of "One Punch Man" season 2 wishes to do.

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