NieR : Automata Guide: How To Get "Lunar Tear" Trophy And Unlock "Emil's Memories"

By Hazel Wright , Feb 25, 2017 09:40 AM EST

One of the trickiest trophies to get is the "Lunar Tear" Trophy. It's tricky enough that players might miss it along the way. Luckily a guide is now available for players to use, and unlock a side-quest about the game's beloved; Emil.

NieR: Automata Unlocking "Emil's Memories."

In order to unlock this side-quest, players will have to go back and revisit Kaine's home from the very first NieR game. Gameranx reports that players need to do this first to unlock the quest.

First, players have to complete the story that will take them to the Forest. Topple the Castle Boss and then report to Pascal in order to finish. Then, look for Emil's traveling store. It can be found in the northwest from the City Ruins: Center. Near the entrance to the Desert zone. Once players encounter him, shoot his car to make it stop.

After the player is done talking to Emil, have them interact with any Lunar Tear. Then head to the long bridge and cross the City Ruins: Near the Tower and enter the shopping mall. From the entrance, go under the escalator and look on the trees. Look for something bright, that will be a Lunar Tear.

Emil will show up behind the player after you collect the Tear and give the quest.

However, that's not the only Lunar Tear players need to find. There are 4 more. One can be found in the Forest area in the cave, south of the entrance. Another one is on Park ruins, it's down the central path. Turn right and come to the area with a vending machine. It should be in the back-right corner. There's one on the Desert as well, in a large rocky hill in the middle of the desert zone. And Lastly on the Flooded Coast.

When you have everything, Emil will finally give you the Elevator key that will open to a special elevator that can be found in the Shopping Mall. Take the elevator down and you'll finally be able to get the cutscene about Emil's past.

HarryNinteyFour shares a video that might further help you on the quest. Emil's cutscene will also feature Blaine's house from the original NieR game.

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