Moto Z's 5 New Moto Mods Include A Game Pad And A Wireless Charger

Motorola just updated its Moto Mod line up. The company recently unveiled five new Moto Mods to go with the seven already in the stable of snap-ons for the Moto Z.

The new mods were introduced at the 2017 Mobile World Congress currently held in Barcelona. The five new Moto Mods include a new power pack, a charging adaptor, a wireless charger and a turbo charger. Perhaps, the most intriguing of the new Moto Mod line up is the game pad.

The Gamepad Moto Mod turns the Moto Z into a Nintendo Switch-like gaming device. The Motorola-made Gamepad has physical controls including a D-pad, Select/Start button, four modifier buttons, two shoulder buttons, and a couple of analog sticks. It also comes with pre-installed games, extra storage space, and a built-in battery.

The new Moto Power Pack, also made by Motorola itself, can improve the Moto Z's battery life by 50 percent while maintaining the device's slim appearance. The Turbo Power mod adds eight hours of juice to the battery in a mere 15 minutes of charging while the other two Moto Mods are also tasked to re-charge the Moto Z.

As Engadget noted, Motorola also unveiled seven mod concepts at the tech show to come closer to its promise to bring 12 new Moto Mods this year. One concept shows the possibility of utilizing four different SIM cards in one Moto Z unit. Other Moto Mods concepts include a charging tower for the Mods themselves, an add-on that turns the Moto Z into a tablet with speakers, a mini-printer for selfies, a VR headset, an interactive LED cover, and a robotic platform mod that allows robot components to be attached to the Moto Z.

Android Authority reported that aside from the five new Moto Mods and seven concepts, Motorola also revealed a Moto Mod that turns the Moto Z into a smart speaker. The Harman-Kardon speaker attachment comes with Amazon's Alexa which makes it possible to play music, control other smart devices and do other tasks using voice commands.

Existing Moto Mods include a JBL SoundBoost speaker, a Mophie Juice Pack, an Incipio Car Dock, an Incipio offGrid Power Pack, a Hassleblad True Zoom, a Moto Insta-Share Projector, and a Moto Style Shell. There were also rumors that a Google Tango-capable Moto Mod was in the works but it failed to make it to the MWC 2017 line up.

The $49 Power Pack will come in different colors and will drop in stores in March. The others in the line up have no definite prices or release dates yet.

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