‘The Simpsons' To Be Enshrined In Baseball Hall Of Fame

By Dez Bryant , Feb 27, 2017 03:30 AM EST

There’s no secret why “The Simpsons” is considered as a cultural icon. The episodic show who is already on its Season 28 is reportedly going to be awarded in the Baseball Hall Of Fame.

“The Simpsons” To Be Recognized In Baseball Hall Of Fame

“The Simpsons” is the longest running TV animation in the history. There might be some show who are emerging right now but there can only be one king in TV animation. When the show started, it was questioned by many because it was completely different from what TV viewers are customed to watch. However, that didn’t stop Matt Groening and his team in providing unique and downright funny episodes for “The Simpsons”.

Over the years they were able to prove that being different is actually okay. And just hours ago, “The Simpsons” team received a report that they are going to be enshrined in the Baseball Hall Of Fame. This is very unlikely since none of “The Simpsons” played any game of baseball nor have created some records in the game of baseball. According to the reports, they are specifically inducting Homer Simpson to the hall of fame due to his contribution to the game of baseball.

Homer Simpson And His Wonder Bat

Apparently, when “The Simpsons” created the 1992 episode wherein Homer Simpson was a star during a baseball game, it strike some of the fans to watch and play baseball again. During the episode, Homer Simpson used his homemade bat named “wonder bat” in terrorizing the opposing team with a handful of home runs. Their team went on to win the tournament and Homer Simpson was flat out during their picture taking.

Currently, “The Simpsons” are still going strong with Season 28. Their crazy antics and tactical jabs are still epic and Homer Simpson maintains his position as the King of Springfield.

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