‘The Simpsons' Killed 'South Park' In their New Intro, Cartoon Wars Reignited?

Everybody knows that “The Simpsons” is the longest-running animated series in history but “South Park” is not far behind. They’ve been compared a lot of times and they’ve started the cartoon wars. Apparently, “The Simpsons” again, reignites the war that happened a few years ago.

This war is beyond epic as two of the most decorated anime series goes head to head, again. What makes this war better than the rest is, they make fun of each other but doesn’t forget their real identity. “The Simpsons and “South Park” literally, doesn’t have to prove anything as they’ve done almost everything. Although “The Simpsons” won multiple awards than “South Park”, the latter is more popular in social media. Their dynamics is very different but they are both hilarious.

Cartoon Wars Reignited

Two days ago, “The Simpsons” just released their latest couch gag and “South Park” was part of it. It started when “The Simpsons” noticed that one of their paintings is missing. Bart then stated that maybe another animated show stole it. This enraged Homer Simpson and went directly to the set of “South Park”. Homer continued to mock “South Park” by stating “is this a TV show, or did I walked in a third-grade shoe box diorama”.

Homer Simpson Met The Boys Of “South Park”

Then Homer met the “South Park” boys accusing them of stealing their paintings. Cartman, Kenny, Kyle, and Stan started cursing which is the signature antics of “South Park”. Homer went from one set to another where he met an internet geek who stole their price possession. In a true Homer Simpson fashion, he stole back the painting, created a mess, destroyed the set and even killing the “South Park” boys. As of the moment, there are no news yet on the release date of “South Park” Season 21.

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