Why Some Fans Aren't Excited About Red Dead Redemption 2

Prior to the announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2, lots of fans were already expecting it. After all, the original title proved to be a success, so it's only right for Rockstar Games to release a follow-up. While the sequel remains to be a mystery in all kinds of angles, a good number of speculated features have already surfaced. Whether or not they remain unofficial, it can't be denied that some fans are already disappointed. 

According to Daily Star, Red Dead Redemption 2 is slated to arrive within the year. While this is true, no exact date has been unveiled by the titular video game company. But, as mentioned, this didn't stop the fans from speculating the possible features the game will offer.

For instance, Red Dead Redemption 2 is looking to borrow some concepts and/or ideas from GTA Online. The latter is considered as one of the best installments of the critically acclaimed franchise. Sure, the idea of the sequel being in an online open-world setting is interesting; however, this doesn't sit well with most fans -- especially the biggest ones.

Moreover, there are talks about Red Dead Redemption 2 capitalizing on some new features. This includes, but not limited to, Ranch Management and Cattle Herding. These are among the elements (if they prove to be true) that fans have grown aghast about the sequel. But of course, it's still too early to judge. In a sense, this might change over time. Or perhaps, the studio actually has a better direction in mind.

In related Red Dead Redemption 2 news, the follow-up is believed to feature a unique mode, as reported by TVOM. It's basically a multiplayer system, only that it's shaping to be similar to GTA 5. As mentioned above, there are talks about Rockstar Games wanting to follow the very footsteps of the fifth Grand Theft Auto installment for RDR2.

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