Apple iOS 10.3 Beta Users Report Push Notification To Enable Two-factor Authentication

By Mae Cervantes , Feb 27, 2017 12:36 PM EST

Apple has begun prompting its iOS 10.3 beta users to enable two-factor authentication with a push notification. The warnings start appearing the most recent 24 hours, which the new operating system highlights its new features for iPhone and iPad.

Two-factor Authentication

According to Business Insider, Apple launched two-factor authentication service, which offers security to users. The two-factor authentication requires users to confirm the phone number, which ensures users to add another security to protect photos, documents and other data stored.

How Does It Work?

If the user swipes on the notification, a screen in the "Settings" app will appear. It will explain the two-factor authentication and how it works. The two-factor authentication enables maximum security for the stored information. It can protect the users' account even if someone learns their password. The notification does not automatically fade out, even if the users will ignore the warning, unlike other traditional notifications. The users have to either manually clear it or enable two-factor authentication, as noted by Ubergizmo.

How To Enable And Turn It Off?

If the two-factor authentication is not enabled, users may choose Settings. Then, the new warning will pop out asking the user to activate it. After signing in, users will verify their identity with one of their devices or they may verify their phone number. Then, Apple will send a text message with a number and a code every time the user will sign in to their Apple ID from their new device.

The concept is compelling because the intruder will need both of the password and the phone to access the user's account. If the user enables the two-factor authorization, the user alone can only make the account access possible. The user needs to provide his password and six-digit verification code when signing on to the new device. In addition, the user will receive an email from Apple with a link to activate the two-factor authentication.


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