‘Dragon Ball Super' Update: Universe 11 Origins, Beerus And Champa's World

By Dez Bryant , Feb 28, 2017 03:20 AM EST

Before the series will go on a brief hiatus, TOEI Animation has provided some key information about Universe 11. It is still a puzzle to many why they weren’t considered as one of the strongest Universe considering that they have the strongest fighters.

For those who haven’t watch the epic fight between Gohan and Lavender, here’s a quick recap. It was visible early in the fight that Gohan is rusty with his skills. It’s been years since he joined or fight in a tournament and Lavender grab the opportunity to attack him. He was able to blind Gohan momentarily and was having the edge in the fight. But knowing Gohan and the skills that he has, he was able to turn around the fight which ended in a draw.

Goku Takes On Bergamo

The next fight will be between Goku and Bergamo which is rumored that Goku might lose or die in the fight due to various reasons. However, apart from developing the story between Universe 7 and 9, Universe 11 has been making some noise since they were introduced. Most fans already know that Universe 11 has a set of fighters that could be a threat to anybody. Also, Universe 11 is very popular among fans due to their God Of Destruction who looks like a clown and goes by the name Vermoud.

Universe 11 Origins Revealed

Universe 11 has the strongest fighter in the entire Universe by the name of Toppo. He is considered to be a candidate as the new God Of Destruction and he is the same guy wearing the black hooded cloak. Universe 11 also have “female broly” which is one of the very first super Saiyan woman. Then they have what they call, Goku’s rival. In the opening segment of “Dragon Ball Super”, fans will notice that Goku is fighting this guy who easily matches his strength even if Goku turns to Super Saiyan Blue.

Then there’s this one fighter who looks like Beerus and Champa. Famed YouTuber Geekdom stated that Beerus and Champa might be from Universe 11 basing on the resemblance that they have with the other fighter. There’s also an ongoing debate in Reddit that the other fighter might be the other brother of Beerus and Champa. This are just mere speculations right now as TOEI Animation haven’t acknowledge this ideas. But base on Geekdom’s record, this might be true.

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