Samsung Galaxy S8's Back Button Placement Can Be Altered

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a highly anticipated smartphone for this year. Adding to the hype, recent reports suggest that the back button placement of the said device can be possibly altered or customized.

What About The Galaxy S8's Back Button?

According to Forbes, two newly leaked video of the Galaxy S8 show interesting information about the said device. The article points out that based on one of the leaked videos (all from China), it is possible that the back button of the Galaxy S8 can be customized, because it showed the software-based back button was located on the left side.

The article then claims that Samsung's insistence on placing the back button to the right of the home button in year past just didn't feel right. In fact, even the top tech YouTuber MKBHD shares the same sentiment. To cite more examples, even at the web browser or TV remote, "back is always located on the left side.

About The Two New Leaked Videos

In an article at Droid-Life, the report goes into detail of the said leaked "hands-on videos" of the Galaxy S8. In the first video, it features the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus wearing cases while the second video shows a single Galaxy S8 - presumably without its case.

In the first video, it depicts two smartphones that look rather tall and slim with its front side featuring nearly no bezel. On the back design, it goes in line with the leaked renders from previous weeks, especially the ones that suggest that the Fingerprint scanner placement will be on the right side of the camera. But then again, without a full inspection, let alone a confirmation from Samsung, it is hard to take this information as the "true design" of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

The second video features one smartphone that is supposedly the Galaxy S8 with also a nearly bezel-less front design and software-based capacitive keys. This said leaked video is the one that suggests that the back button is customizable, since it can be seen that the button is on the left side.

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