‘The Flash’ Season 3 Spoilers: Savitar Appearing Again? Dangerous Secret Threatens Barry And Iris?

By Joseph St. James. , Mar 01, 2017 03:10 AM EST

It seems that Savitar will come back in the upcoming episode of "The Flash" season 3. The god of speed who made life difficult for Barry and his team at Star Labs will once again poke his malevolent energies in the still volatile relationships between the team members. What is he up to this time?

The Evil Savitar Will Kill Iris In The Future

Some spoilers of "The Flash" season 3 episode 15 suggest that its story line will again feature a come-backing Savitar. This supervillain is bound to kill Iris (Candice Patton) in the future. The title of the upcoming episode is "The Wrath of Savitar."

Wally Sees Savitar But Keeps It To Himself

CW has recently released the official synopsis of "The Flash" season 3 episode 15. It says that while Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) is continuing his speed training with Barry (Grant Gustin), he suddenly begins to see visions of Savitar. But he will not disclose this to Barry and the rest of Team Flash. Barry is training Wally so that he can protect his sister Iris from Savitar.

A Dangerous Secret Threatens Barry and Iris

The synopsis goes on to say that a dangerous secret will threaten the happiness of Barry and Iris. It is not certain if this is the secret that Wally is hiding from his co-members. Fans will remember that Savitar was last seen in "The Flash" season 3 episode 9. The speed villain was then locked away by Barry.

It Will Bring Unwanted Consequences

According to some spoilers of "The Flash" season 3 episode 15, Wally keeping his secrets from the rest of the team may bring adverse consequences in the future. It seems Barry and Iris will be brought to a difficult place. Apparently, their future will be threatened by a dangerous secret. Will all these things be induced by the return of Savitar? Fans will know when episode 15 airs on March 3 at 8:00 p.m. on CW.

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