‘The Flash’ Season 3 Spoilers And Updates: Leaked Set Video Shows Jesse Quick Going Up Against Savitar?

There are rumors going around that Jesse Quick will be returning to "The Flash" season 3. Apparently, there is a set of video that suggests her comeback will be a stressful one. There are also some photos which showed her going up against a former baddie who was supposed to be already eliminated by Barry Allen.

The Leaked Videos Showed Quick Being Attacked By Savitar

A recent Twitter post revealed some videos and photos showing Quick confronting Savitar. The video shows Savitar attacking Quick, with the latter running away. A succeeding photo had her lying on the ground, apparently being attacked by the evil speedster. Savitar has been a CGI-character from previous episodes of "The Flash" season 3. But here, he appears wearing an awesome suit.

There's also footage of "The Flash" season 3 that has recently been leaked online. It appears that the video was taken from a cell phone by someone on the set. The footage reveals the two major characters are coming back soon. From the video footage, it appears that the two are Jesse Quick and Savitar. It is unclear if the first set of videos and photos are the same as these, or if they came from the same source.

Additional Details Of "The Flash Season" 3 Are Revealed On A Closer Look

What is clear from the leaked photos and videos is the return of both Quick and Savitar on "The Flash" season 3. And there are additional details that are revealed if one takes a closer look at the videos and photos. It appears that Quick is holding a dagger-type weapon and pointing it at Savitar. What is unclear is how Quick was able to get back to Allen's earth all by herself.

The leaked videos and photos of "The Flash" season 3 seem to indicate that Quick's stay this time will not just be for one or two episodes. It may be longer than that. Avid fans of the show know that Savitar is robbing other speedsters of their powers. Could it include Quick who has is still tweaking her powers? Watch the video below to see what has been revealed.

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